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Welcome to Masterpiece Modules

Masterpiece Module kits are designed so a novice can glue together a precision module without clamps. All the parts have finger joints that are precision machined with state-of-the-art CNC equipment. The finger joined parts are self-locating to assure the module is assembled perfectly square. The light press fit of the finger joints provide a self-clamping action that holds the parts together while the glue dries. Masterpiece Modules is a new division of Masterpiece Furniture, where for the past 22+ years, we have been creating precision furniture.

Assembly Instructions

All of our modules are available in two configurations. The first is with the deck mounted flush with the top of the module sides. The second configuration is with the deck mounted 1" below the top of the module sides to accommodate scenic materials such as ridged foam. We have the seven standard configurations listed on the website plus some new configurations that give you more options that fit into any standard layout. We have several more designs on the drawing board and we also do custom designs. Sign up for our newsletter to keep abreast of additional module designs. And if you need a custom design, submit your request here.

N Scale T-trak Module Terminology

The "T" in T-trak stands for table, as these modules are designed to be placed on top of tables that have been pushed together to make a support surface that is big enough to accommodate the layout you create with your modules. (World record is over 15 scale miles of track!).

Width - the dimension from left to right for straight modules. This dimension is set by the combined length of Kato track used on the module. The standard widths are single, double, triple and quad. A single module accommodates 310mm of Kato track, but measures 308mm wide. The T-trak standard is 2mm less than the track to accommodate slight tolerances in module size. (This is important for modules that are fabricated using hand tools.) A double module accommodates 620mm of track, a triple - 930mm and a quad - 1240mm.

Height - this is the dimension from the bottom of the module to the top deck of the module. The standard is 2-3/4" - 4". MasterpieceModules measure 2-3/4" for all sizes of N Scale T-trak modules.

Depth - the dimension from front to back. The standard is listed as 14" maximum, with 13" as a de-facto standard. The module depth is influenced by the End Cap or Outside Corner modules. T-trak standards specify using 282mm and 315mm radius track for corner modules. When this track is mounted with centerline of the track the standard 2" from the front edge of the module, it makes the corner module 14-3/8" square. Two adjacent outside corner modules make up an End Cap.

The standard End Cap depth is listed as 14-3/8". We make our end cap just a little deeper - 14-9/16". The extra 3/16" is on the outside of the module so it does not affect the fit as an end cap. This module size is the most versatile because this "depth" fits 372mm of track. Two of these modules together make a standard "junction" or can be used in a variety of ways. Check it out Here.









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