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If you require shipment outside the US or Canada, please contact us BEFORE placing your order.

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Due to the unprovoked Russian invasion of the Ukraine, and the ensuing sanctions against Russia, Baltic Birch Plywood which is made in Russia will no longer be available. The only stock that is available is whatever might be in the shipping pipeline. And that dwindling amount of stock is raising the price. Latest price I've found is $45.00 per sheet. One year ago price was $15.98.

As this is the primary material for our products, we are suspending services indefinitely as current local inventory is already exhausted. We are on the lookout for more plywood at a reasonable price and if we are successful, we will notify our customers. And prices will reflect whatever price we had to pay for the plywood.

If you would like to place an order in the hopes plywood comes available, let me know. If plywood does not become available, I will of course refund your purchase.

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N Scale T-trak Modules


N Scale T-trak Modules

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12R Endcap



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12R Inside Corner

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N Scale 12R End Cap/Loop Entrance/Alternate Junction


Description Dimensions Price



N T-trak 12R End Cap Flush Deck

  • This is our most versatile module. It can be an end cap, a double deep, part of a junction, a loop entrance and a whole lot more. See examples of below. Deck is pre-drilled to attach track in proper locations for all of the above configurations.
  • Module includes #2 x 3/8 self tapping screws to attach track to module.
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs

12.4/11.1 radius
14.56 x 28.80 x 2.75




N T-trak 12R End Cap Depressed Deck

  • Deck is 1.00" below top of module sides to accommodate plastic foam for landscape modeling.
  • Track must be attached to foam with adhesive.
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs

12.4/11.1 radius
14.56 x 28.80 x 2.75



Loop Entrance Module configuration

12R Endcap N Scale T-trak dimensions

Numbers on Module are suggested part numbers for Kato Track

This 180° End Cap module deviates slightly from the website standards. This module maintains the 730 mm (28.80 inches) but has increased the 365 mm to 372 mm (14.56 inches). This makes it possible to use this module as a double deep module with straight track located parallel to both ends as shown in red in the drawing.

The KATO Unijoiner track connectors are used to align and attach adjacent modules to each other.

12R Endcap Modules do not have mounting holes for electrical connector or sky boards.

180° End Cap/Loop Entrance/Alternative Junction

180° End Cap/Loop Entrance/Alternative Junction

Two of these modules can make a typical Junction.

One module can loop the inner track and extend the outer track.









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