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12R Corner

12R Endcap



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T-trak N Scale Specialty Modules Sector Plate T-trak N Scale Specialty Modules Front Back Transition T-trak_N Scale Specialty Modules Loop_Entrance T-trak N Scale Specialty Modules Branchline T-trak N Scale Specialty Modules Car Float Barge.php T-trak N Scale Specialty Modules Star Hub

Sector Plate

Front/Back Transition

Loop Entrance


Car Float Barge

Star Hub

Sector Plate Modules

Sector Plate Demo


  • In model railroading, the end game for many layouts is to actually operate trains in a prototypical fashion. To support these operations, many layouts have what is known as a staging yard or staging area. As N scale T-trak modules become more popular, we will see more prototype operation sessions at train shows, club meets and home T-trak layouts. One method to create a staging yard that maximizes space and minimizes cost is to use a Sector Plate (quite popular in Britain). A Sector Plate is a rotating or pivoting part of the layout deck that has multiple tracks that can be selectively aligned to a single layout track without the use of track switches or turnouts.
  • The MasterpieceModules Sector Plate is held in alignment with the in/out track with two pins that also complete the electrical circuit to bring power to the aligned track.
  • The sector plate has the rails installed with the rail head nearly flush with the deck. This makes it very easy to place cars on the rails. All the wiring is done for the sector plate with two wires to be connected to the power bus. The short in/out track will get its power from the adjacent module.
  • Each deck is pre-drilled to attach main line track in proper locations.
  • 1/4-20 threaded inserts are installed in foot brackets.
  • Module Kit includes #2 x 3/8 self tapping screws to attach track and four 1/4-20 x 2-1/2"lg nylon leveling screws.


Description Dimensions Price



N T-trak Triple Sector Plate

  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

36.53 x 13 x 2.75



Triple Sector Plate dimensions

Numbers on Module are suggested part numbers for Kato Track


N T-trak Quad Sector Plate

  • Weight: 8.6 lbs

48.74 x 13 x 2.75



Quad Sector Plate dimensions

Numbers on Module are suggested part numbers for Kato Track


N T-trak Double Sector Plate Approach

  • Deck is drilled for track as shown below.
  • Kit includes MPM-06 & MPM-06 special length track. Weight: 3.3 lbs

24.33 x 17 x 2.75



Double Sector Plate Approach dimensions

Numbers on Module are suggested part numbers for Kato Track

Layout Examples

Sector Plate Images dimensions

Triple Sector Plate Module and Double Approach Module









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F. Meitzen

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